Market and consumer insights

At Bentleye we equip you to understand possible future contexts, and to make the decisions that allow you to prosper in a shifting, pluralistic, ambiguous and novel world .

Peoples’ opinions are our business, not just in Europe but around the world. We know what makes people tick, whether they are consumers, citizens, business people or opinion formers in different countries.

We draw on our extensive world-class practice of foresight methods and experience at the highest levels of decision-making, on our broad high-level network of professionals and experts, and on our broad understanding and knowledge of the changing global context

But it’s not just about understanding worldwide audiences and markets, it’s also about practicality. Our teams have the practical skills to successfully manage and co-ordinate the logistics which can be very complex.

Dependent on methodology, fieldwork could take place from one central location, in the case of online or telephone, or if face to face field or postal by individual country which requires detailed logistical coordination, country by country.

Our services:

  • 01. Foresight strategies
  • 02. Customized market research
  • 03. Consumer analytics
  • 04. Data Collection
  • 05. Qualitative Research
  • 06. Key Influencers Research


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